Spare Some Time for Summertime Fun: Why Family Picnics Are Important

From picnics with the family to school excursions and outings with friends; most of us have fond memories of outdoor fun from our childhood. Not only are picnics fun and enjoyable for people of all ages, but they’re also a great opportunity to socialize and bond with people at the same time.

But most people aren’t aware of the fact that picnics are also extremely important for a healthy family dynamic and the development of a child. Going outdoors and getting away from it all has a number of benefits that you just can’t get from a home environment.

Here’s a list of top ways family picnics help you and your children:

Quality bonding time:

During our mundane, hectic, and routine lives, we forget about the things that are most important. Without a good bond and open communication, families tend to become dysfunctional and disconnected. Picnics provide an excellent opportunity for families to bond by getting away from daily distractions and indulging in activities that require close contact and direct communication.

The relaxed atmosphere of a picnic helps family members open up and indulge in good-natured jesting and banter.

Children feel more comfortable with you as a parent when they are out and about and see you having fun with them. They feel more confident and open to sharing how they are feeling and what’s going on in their lives.

Improved mental health:

Vitamin D is a major source of boosting the immunity system and helps combat depression, irritability, and fatigue. Being out in the sun fosters the production of vitamin D while the simple joy of breathing in the fresh air makes you feel more care-free and help in dealing with stress. A weekend picnic can boost the mood and helBetter Healthps children and adults face the new week with a healthier and more positive attitude.

Improved Physical health:

The physical activity a family takes part in at picnics can boost the physical health of everyone. Not only does it give a good workout to the muscles, but running around under the sun also improves calcium absorption in the bones. It also helps combat lethargy and obesity and makes kids more energetic. This means a healthier body AND mind!

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