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Impressive Employee Recognition Picnic Ideas

You have announced employee recognition event to be held at your office next week and you don’t see any excitement among your staff as yet. You expect them to look forward to the employee appreciation event, but they are not giving the response you want from them. Why is that so? (more…)
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Food Ideas for a Company Picnic

It’s true that picnic food should always be fuss-free and simple, but that doesn’t mean it has to boring. Together with a combination of sandwiches, fresh salads, desserts and chilled drinks, you can create a memorable picnic meal. From traditional sandwiches to pork buns and tamales, there are many foods that can make your company…
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Mistakes that Can Ruin Your Company Picnic

You have put countless hours into planning your company picnic to make sure it is successful and your employees love every moment of their time spent at your picnic. After all, your employees work hard, and this is an opportunity for you to thank them for all their hard work. (more…)
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