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Best Picnic Spots Around the Bay Area

Sunny skies, fun friends, green grass, blankets and good food are all that’s required for an outdoor picnic. There are many great picnic spots around the world and our Bay Area boasts some of the best ones. Whether you plan to hike to the top of the hill with your picnic basket or want to…
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Best Picnic Spots Around the World

Spring is the time for exploring different corners of the world and making your social media followers know about it. However, because of the limited holiday allowance, not everyone can afford to travel each and every part of the globe and satisfy their wanderlust. This is when a weekend picnic plays a critical role. Grass,…
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Tips for an Awesome Beach Picnic

Summer is approaching fast. That means it will soon be time for us to go on a beach picnic. Although beaches are magical and lovely, pulling off a beach picnic can be problematic for many. We have to plan to keep the sand from entering our food, backpacks and everything else. We have to deal…
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Picnic Traditions from Different Countries of the World

In the earlier days, picnics were fancy outdoors meals meant to be enjoyed by medieval royal hunters. Picnics remained like that until 1901 and after that they shifted to simple lunches and meals that could be enjoyed by anyone under the bright sun. Now, people across the globe have added their own unique elements to…
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