Tips for an Awesome Beach Picnic

Summer is approaching fast. That means it will soon be time for us to go on a beach picnic. Although beaches are magical and lovely, pulling off a beach picnic can be problematic for many. We have to plan to keep the sand from entering our food, backpacks and everything else. We have to deal with the wind and pack enough food, drinks and equipment to ensure we don’t run low on anything.

One thing that people despise about picnics is that sand cannot be avoided. Even if you bring formal room furniture with you and set it up on the beach, sand will still find it’s way into the food. If you just accept this fact, you might be able to avoid getting frustrated on the beach. You can deter sand by washing your hands, using plates and not building sandcastles between bites. Seagulls will also annoy you. They’ll annoy you by cawing for food. Don’t feed them! Otherwise, they won’t leave you.

That’s enough for environmental hazards. Now onto the beach picnic itself. What do you need to do to plan an awesome picnic?

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1. Keep Those Things Cold

Your drinks and other essential items like cheese will quickly heat up if you keep them under the sun. Therefore, you’ll need a picnic basket with ice packs or a cooler to keep the drinks cold. Nobody likes drinking hot beer or sweaty cheese in the scorching heat of summer.

2. Take Extra Silverware

Your picnic may require some sort of silverware – a knife for spreading cheese or spoons for eating the salad. Take extra silverware with you in case the knife or fork falls and gets dirty because of the sand. You don’t necessarily have to turn to plastic as plastic knives and spoons break easily.

3. Prepare for Shade

Your whole day will be ruined if one of you gets sunburned because there isn’t enough shade for all. Sun protection is a must if you plan to spend the day on the beach. Depending on the number of people, pack a large umbrella, wear hats and don’t forget the sunscreen.

4. Carry Cloth Napkins

Even if you are just eating fried fish or chicken, don’t take paper napkins with you. Instead, carry cloth alternatives. This will minimize waste. Also, sand can be easily shaken out of cloth napkins, so they are definitely a better option than paper.

5. Hand-Held Food Would Be Perfect

Physical activity, fresh air, sea and the sun will increase your appetite so make sure to pack plenty of food. Some people like going whole-hog and plan for a gourmet lunch with portable chairs and tables, which is good for special occasions. However, making arrangements for a gourmet meal can be extremely difficult. Therefore, we suggest you pick some hand-held food for your picnic. Some suggestions include:

  • Salsa and Tortilla Chips
  • Fruit like Apples, Grapes and Berries – light and delicious
  • Veggies like Broccoli florets, baby Corn and Carrots.
  • Sandwiches
  • Boiled eggs
  • Wraps

If you want to take something that needs portioning like Salsa or Pasta, make sure to divide up the portions before you head to the beach. If you divide them into smaller, separate Tupperware containers, you won’t have to worry about serving folks at beach. More importantly, sand won’t be able to contaminate your meal.

6. Best to Avoid Cheese

Most people like to carry cheese with them at picnics. But, since you are at the beach and temperatures are going to soar, we suggest you avoid bringing cheese, unless you have reliable ice packs. If you can’t leave cheese behind, take a softer cheese like Feta with you instead of a harder cheese.

7. Plan Games

Paddling and swimming are great fun. However, not everyone knows how to swim or paddle. Therefore, make arrangements for Frisbee, Volleyball, Twister and other fun games that can be played on the sand. This way everyone will be able to enjoy their time at the beach.

8. Don’t Assume Drinking at the Beach Is Legal

Alcohol isn’t legal at some beaches. In most cases, a special permit is required should you want to bring out Beer and Wine.

9. Don’t Forget the Bottle Opener

This one’s simple. Many picnics on the beach have been ruined simply because someone forgot to bring the bottle opener and couldn’t get the wine out. Should you plan on having Wine at your picnic, be sure to pack this vital item.

10. Remember the Tablecloth

Even if you can’t find a vacant table, you can’t just put your food containers and other items on the sand. So, take a tablecloth with you and spread everything on it. Although a blanket is cool and traditional, a tablecloth is a better option since it is easier to wash than a blanket.

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11. Clean Your Hands

Remember to clean your hands before eating the food. There sure is plenty of water in the sea. However, that is not for rinsing the hands. The salty water will only make your hand sticky. Pack hand wipes to ensure your hands stay clean and comfortable.

12. Try to Keep the Sand Away

Although sand is inevitable, you can keep it away from your digestive track by getting your picnic to a high ground. Pack a portable folding table and shade it with an umbrella. Take mesh screens for covering food. If you can’t take a table with you and must work with a tablecloth, go as big as you can and position the food right in the center.

13. Clean Your Mess

Make sure to pack lots of wet wipes when you are planning for a picnic. Wet wipes are great for cleaning silverware and other equipment. For instance, if you drop a cocktail all over your chair, wet wipes will be there to help you clean it.  Reusable containers or resealable bags are also very important for cleanup. They can be used for leftovers and separate bags can help you carry the trash and recyclables.

Before you shake out the tablecloth and head to your car, do a sand sweep one last time. A good beach picnicker only leaves behind footprints and takes away memories.

If you want to plan an awesome picnic this summer, adhere to our advice. Follow the tips highlighted above and you’ll be able to enjoy a great time with your family or friends at the beach.

Here’s a quick recap:

  • When planning a beach picnic, make arrangements to keep the drinks and other essential items cold.
  • Take extra silverware with you.
  • Prepare for games and fun activities at the beach.
  • Don’t forget to make all the arrangements for food and drinks.

You may be able to plan a small beach picnic on your own. However, if you want to organize a large picnic at the beach, you’d need help. You won’t be able to make arrangements for the large crowd coming to your picnic on your own. It’s best to hire a professional to do the job for you.

At the Bay Area Picnic Planner, we can help you organize an amazing picnic. We know everything that goes into planning a beach picnic. Our professional picnic planner will make all the arrangements for your picnic including the beach, food, drinks, tables, fun activities and games. So, if you want to organize an amazing beach picnic this summer, feel free to reach out to us.

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