Things You Can’t Forget To Do On a Company Picnic Inspired by The Office

The final episode of season five of the popular American television series The Office, and also the 100th show of the entire series, is a prime example of an eventful company picnic!

Fans of the show can agree that the series never fails to disappoint with its raw comedy and ability to connect to audiences in more ways than one. Whether you’re rooting for the quirky and awkward Michael Scott, or you’re shipping Jim and Pam the entire time, this episode holds a special place in everyone’s heart.

The title of the episode is called “Company Picnic” and has a lot of bittersweet revelations (spoiler alert) which are hilarious and heartwarming.  Of course the ones that touch our hearts the most are Holly’s return and Jim and Pam finding out they’re about to have a baby together.

While we wish our lives could be similar to a sitcom format that barely ever happens. If your company picnics are not as eventful as the one in the office, don’t worry, you can still make it fun and interesting.

Here are a few ideas that can help you get the ball rolling.

Team building exercises

When you plan a company picnic, including corporate games and team building activities is important. These are usually centered around improving communication skills, group participation and create healthy competition amongst players.

This allows attendees to feel comfortable and interact with one another more easily. It also helps you work on building a stronger team which translates into the workplace as well.

volley ball

Sporting events

Like in the episode of the office, different departments are shown competing in a game of volleyball. Organizing a team tournament within different departments or teams of managers and employees is a great way to boost morale. Not only do those who are playing enjoy it but those cheering their teams also feel included and have a great time.

Inflatable games and recreation

One of the most popular components of our picnic packages are the fun inflatable games option we offer. This includes sumo wrestling, bouncy boxing, bungee run, road rally track, water wars, human sphere’s, giant twister, bounce houses, double shot basketball and much more. These guarantee lots of fun especially when employees bring their families together.

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