The Ultimate Checklist for Organizing a Company Picnic

While company picnics aren’t usually too difficult to organize or manage, this time, the work is cut out for your HR department, mainly because your employees won’t be happy with another basic trip to the local park.

Laser tag and paintball might be a great option. But for all the oldies (read: young’uns with knee problems from sitting too much!), it might be best to have a destination for a group outing that suits everyone.

But how do you plan a company event that would appeal to everyone?

Easy; you follow this checklist!

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Basic Checklist for a Company Picnic

Know Your Budget

Breaking the bank because of one event is not an option. Your Human Resources department should have a proper budget in hand if you want them to plan a great event. Do your own research first. Check out the rents for different sites and old files for previous events, and then plan accordingly. Be sure to add a small chunk of money for add-ons. You never know when they might come in handy.

Involve Your People in Planning

Can’t decide where to go? Ask your employees!

Offer them a list of venues, entertainment, and food and ask them to pick and choose from the different options. Not only is this a great move on your part, since your employees will know their opinion is valued, but it’ll also take the task of choosing out of your hands.

Sample the FoodSample the Food

As with anything in life, you get what you paid for. So why go for a cheap catering service if you know it’ll be bad for you? Rather than risking food poisoning, go with a reliable caterer that has good reviews. Ask them if you can sample the food and customize the menu for those with dietary restrictions before booking.

Plan Backups

Your venue might get rained in, the Porta-Potties might not arrive in time, or the caterer might cancel at the last minute. Take all possibilities into account and have your backups prepared in case you need them. Being well-equipped might just save your team from a disastrous company outing.

Choose the Right Entertainment

Even the most stoic workers will not be able to resist climbing into a life size inflatable ball so they can harmlessly pummel their fellow employees! Having the right entertainment is the key to a successful company picnic. Plan an obstacle course, hold a volleyball tournament, or host a cooking contest! Whatever you decide, make it fun.

Hire a Pro!

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