The Host with the Most! Being the Best Host for Your Kid’s Birthday Picnic

You’ve been tasked with a great responsibility.

Should you choose to accept it, your child will love you forever and their school friends will hail them as the best birthday-party thrower of them all. If you don’t succeed, though, you’ll never hear the end of it!

You have no other choice!

You have to throw the greatest birthday picnic ever, and you have to do it while being the best host ever. Easy-peasy, right?

With some help from Bay Area Picnic Planners, it might just be extra peasy!

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Birthday Picnic—Everything You Need to Know

Got a special guest list planned out? Don’t send online invitations. Instead, go the old-fashioned route with some paper invitations. Your child is a classy tyke. It stands to reason that their birthday should have all the classy touches as well. Make it cute, not too childish, and simple.


The VenueThe Venue

You want a venue that practically screams, ‘kid’s playground.’ A park would work nicely. If not, though, you could always ask around for any common venues for kids’ parties and find out how much the rent is. Given that it’ll be a small party and for a short period of time, the rent shouldn’t be too much.


The Date

Here’s the thing, if your kid’s birthday falls on a weekday, no child will be able to attend. So plan it on the weekend before or after their birthday. We’d recommend the Saturday afternoon or evening in the weekend before their birthday. On their special day, you can send them to school with some cupcakes for a final festive touch.


The Décor

A child’s birthday party absolutely must have the following elements of décor:

  • Hats
  • Confetti
  • Balloons
  • Banners
  • Bunting

It’s a special day for them, and people far and wide should know that there’s a birthday party going on. Don’t skimp on the decorations.


The Food

Of course, you’ll have the basic food that every birthday must absolThe Foodutely have, like the birthday cake and cupcakes. But try to go easy on the sugars! With all the guests already hyped up on the cake and extra sweets, you don’t want to give them anything more. Instead, plan some light, healthy snacks like carrots and dip, frittatas and others so their stomach stays full.


The Games

Can’t have a kid’s party without games!

But this time, we recommend that along with some classics such as pass the parcel or musical chairs, it would be great if you added some picnic inflatable games too. Bouncy houses, giant twister, water wars, there’s so much you can choose from!


The Favors

Yes, favors are a must. But for the young’uns, they’ll probably be moThe Favorsst happy with a coloring book, some fancy stickers and a goody bag full of sweets. Although to appease everyone, it’s best to make those sweets healthy and not just blocks of sugar on sticks. It’ll be good for your kid’s teeth too!

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