Teambuilding Activities That Can Improve Coordination In Your Workforce

Organizational culture is one of the most important aspects of creating a professional environment. Employers are concerned with bridging gaps between different tiers and departments, bring the workforce on the same page and achieve their targets. But all this can crash like a house of cards if your employees lack teambuilding skills.

It’s in the company’s best interest—and the employee’s—that potential problems are avoided in an otherwise seamless process of work. For that, you need to focus on how to improve coordination, enhance communication, and enable team work.

If you’re set on instilling basic teamwork skills in your employees, a seminar or formal presentation just won’t cut. This is not a skill you can study and learn. You can only acquire it with time and practice.

Here are some activities that might help.

Battle of the Airbands

Have karaoke nights been a big hit in the history of your company’s social events? Here’s a suggestion to add a little spin to it. Divide your attendees into groups and have them pick their favorite song.

Once the choice has been made, they will compete to do the best impressions of it by lip-syncing and performing air instruments! Sounds fun? Make it even better with props and costumes and stage décor!

1. Potluck Tasting

FoodA cooking fest never fails to amuse everyone, especially when it’s the same colleagues from work doing it who you’ve only seen typing or filing. But what’s better is that you don’t go the usual way, which is to cook within the time limit and serve.

Make it better by having teams taste a freshly-made delicacy and list down at least 5 ingredients that went into making them. This will involve a lot of guessing and thinking with heads put together, and the end result will be a team effort!

2. Water Balloon Toss

What better way to beat the heat than to splash some water balloons on each other. However, the splashing should come a little later in the game, when you’ve lost all hopes of winning.

In order to keep the spirit of the game alive, you need to keep tossing water-filled balloons to the team member standing across. The one who drops will bring shame to the team. Although, not to mention, losing this game couldn’t be more fun.

3. Human Knot

This has been one of the most popular activities that are conducted across all workplaces. Though simple to make, this human knot can be one challenge to untangle without breaking links. All you need to do is have people raise one arm in the air and grab someone else’s arm across from them. Similarly, they must link their other arm with someone else’s, to make a knot.

Only once that’s done, the game begins. The challenge is to untangle themselves without letting go.

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