Should You Have A Company Picnic? Absolutely Yes!

Teamwork and employee connectivity is the key in the modern age of business. The traditional office space is becoming more and more irrelevant in the fast-paced technology and society of today, which means that it is now more important to bring your team together. As a business owner or manager, you should constantly be looking for ways to increase employee morale, efficiency and growth of the company.

Company-wide picnics are perfect to achieve these goals. If executed in the right manner, they can gain admiration from your employees. Confused?

Are you wondering how company picnics can increase efficiency and growth of your company? Another thing that might be troubling you right now is the cost of throwing a company picnic for your employees and how you could save that many for something else. The truth is that the few dollars spent on a company picnic are immaterial compared to the many returns you’ll get from taking your workforce out for enjoyment.

To make our point more clear, we’ll highlight a few benefits of having a company picnic for your employees.

1. A Company Picnic Encourages Integration

Company picnics help integrate your organization, regardless of ranks, positions and departments of your employees. Simple conversations help employees to get to know each other better and respect roles and responsibilities of their fellow colleagues.

The better employees know each other, the easier it is for them to give feedback, ask questions and work in a team. The more employees collaborate; the better their teamwork will be and the faster and more efficiently will they complete their tasks. The end result: more productivity and more profit for your business.

2. A Company Picnic Increases Employee Morale

Company picnics are employees’ favorite and they look forward to it every year. Just the thought of a company picnic and enjoying a day off from work with fellow colleagues is sure to boost the morale of your employees.

When you’ll have a company picnic organized for your employees, they’ll know that you value them and reward their hard work with good fun. They’ll appreciate this reward from you and return to office with rejuvenated motivation.

3. A Company Picnic Gives Your Employees a Chance to Relax

Working from Monday to Friday can be quite stressful and exhausting for your employees. At times, employees get so frustrated from working non-stop that they decide to quit. A company picnic is the perfect opportunity for your employees to take a break from work and relax. They can let go of all the stress and breathe free in an open environment.

When they’ll return to work after the picnic, they’ll work with more passion and satisfaction.

4. A Company Picnic Shows that You Value Family

Every employee wants to work for an organization that understands the value of family and how much it matters to them. All meetings and functions are open for employees only, but a company picnic allows you to invite the families of your employees at the fun event. When you invite the families to a company picnic, your employees realize that you understand them and care about their needs.

And don’t underestimate the power of those little ones in your company picnic who smile and spread cheer all around. When those children of your employees leave, they talk about how great the picnic was and this helps to bridge strong relationship between family and work.

5. A Company Picnic Allows You to Celebrate Success

A company picnic provides the perfect opportunity to celebrate the success of your employees and reward them. It’s a time to show your appreciation for the people who work with and for you. Handing out certificates and awards, acknowledging the exceptional work of top performers and sharing their success stories at the company picnic are great ways to show your employees that their hard work has been noticed.

Plus, since all the employees from different departments are together at a company picnic, everyone can see each other’s success. This compels employees to work even harder and be recognized in the whole organization for being brilliant in their field.

6. A Company Picnic Inspires Gratitude

Your employees know that you don’t have to arrange a company picnic for them; you’re not responsible for that and no one would force you do so. When you organize a company picnic just for the sake of your employees, they truly appreciate your efforts. They are thankful for your commitment to their satisfaction. This encourages employee loyalty and hard work.

7. A Company Picnic allows you to Learn New Things about Your Employees

When you arrange a company picnic for your employees with fun activities and games, you get to learn new things about them. You will find quirks, personality traits and hidden talents of your employees that you might not know about. When you are aware of the talents of your employees, you can assign them tasks that require their specific skills and reap benefits of their unique abilities.

8. A Company Picnic is Fun!

Ah, we’re down to the last benefit of company picnics. In the 9 hours of work, five days a week, your employees forget to have fun and remain busy in the work. A company picnic is an opportunity for your employees to break free from their shackles and have all the fun they want. Play games, eat to their fill, enjoy with their family members, share conversation with their colleagues and forget about all the worries in life. That’s just what makes company picnics great!

So, now do you understand the importance of company picnics for your organization? Then, it’s time you organize a company picnic for your employees to reward their hard work. But, how will you organize a company picnic that has all the fun activities, great food and a magnificent venue when you have no idea where to start? Leave that to the Bay Area Picnic Planners.

We got you covered with our all-inclusive picnic packages. Whether you wish to host a small picnic with 100-150 guests or are looking for something spectacular with 351-2000+ guests, we have many options for you. Everything from snacks and side dishes, team building events, free play zones and kids fun zone are included in our packages, which makes them budget friendly.

If you need more great ideas, call us at 1-408-298-3001 or Toll Free at 408-298-3001.

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