Party Themes That Are Perfect for the Holiday Season

Another year is almost over, so it’s time to bounce off party theme ideas for the annual holiday office party.

An office party is a great way to thank your employees for their awesome work. A super fun event appreciates all the teams and makes everyone feel validated, while letting them have some fun at the same time.

So put away the décor you’ve already used a million times and try these fresh new ideas.

An Amazing Race Themed Party

This theme is inspired by the TV show, and is both a team-building activity and a Christmas party.

Pick a venue and organize an elaborate treasure hunt. A great idea is to rope in a few of your clients or stakeholders to sponsor a couple of the stops. Add challenges to the game by placing roadblocks where participants aren’t allowed to jump to a new level before completing a specific task.

A creative spin to the game is to place gifts or rewards at each stop, instead of flags or stamps. The last pit stop should be the party room where the players are treated to refreshments and a feast.


A Masquerade Ball

If your workplace is a little more on the casual side, a masquerade ball is a fabulous idea. The theme leaves a lot of room for creativity and fun; for example, you can even add a brief history of masquerade balls on the invitation card.

For the décor, think elegant, and for the food, non-messy. Try making up a menu of finger foods, bite-sized pastries, and cocktails. And lastly, make a playlist of slow, elegant music that invites people to dance to it.

A fun spin you can put to the theme is to add a stall for masks at the entrance for people who come without them. Other interesting features you can add are a photobooth, a box of props, fairy wands and funny signs.

A Winter Wonderland Party

There’s something incredibly magical about a white Christmas—where the world is covered in a blanket of snow, with warm scarves and the smell of hot chocolate everywhere.

Embrace the chill with a winter wonderland themed party. The theme involves decorating your place to look like a palace that’s stuck in an everlasting winter.

Go for white draping, white fairy lights, ice sculptures, artificial snowflakes and cute, cuddly polar bears.

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