Party like its After-Hours! 4 Great Themes for Company Picnics

It’s time for the annual company picnic!

The workplace is abuzz with different ideas on how to spend this day away from the office and all the stiffness that comes with it. And truth be told, with their enthusiasm, you’re excited too!

This is why you want to give them the best company picnic they’ve ever had.

But which idea do you go with? How about a relaxed, laid-back event by the sea that ends with a bonfire, a picnic in a private park that ends with a BBQ, or laser tag with some nachos and tacos from a local food truck afterward?

Although these ideas are great, they might not appeal to everyone.

But the one of the following four might!

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1. Classic Summer Cookout

Classic Summer CookoutYou’d have to be silly to say no to a food themed event! Having an All-American cookout, complete with hamburgers and hot dogs, sparklers and bonfires, and some good ol’ fashioned backyard games will do just the trick and give your employees the relaxing and serene, home-y atmosphere they crave!



2. Potluck Party

Remember, you want to make things relaxing for your pePotluck Partyople. But you also want it to be budget friendly. If your staff members have a habit of bringing food to work, have them bring some specialties so everyone can pitch in and try each other’s cooking. To make sure that no two people bring the same thing, have them select the different cuisines from a jar. To make things more interesting, have a theme like Southern, Asian or New Orleans to really challenge the creative chefs in your workplace!

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3. Company Tournament

For the secret athletes in the group, here’s an idea that’ll definitely be welcome. Hire a ballpark for a day and have your own company sports tournament. Have short matches of volleyball, kickball, and softball! Heck, throw in a good game of Twister while you’re at it. Have sCompany Tournamentome game memorabilia, award ribbons, and medals printed and hire a caterer for some sports-style cuisine. You’ll definitely start a new company tradition with this corporate event ideas Bay Area!




4. Family Picnic

These people have worked their butts off to make this cFamily Picnic ompany a success. Why not designate a special day when they can have fun with their family all day? Find an amusement park or any theme park that can be hired for a day and rent it out. And be sure to find out if it’s pet friendly. Let your employees make memories with their loved ones, with a little help from you. This gesture will definitely go a long way!

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