Mistakes that Can Ruin Your Company Picnic

You have put countless hours into planning your company picnic to make sure it is successful and your employees love every moment of their time spent at your picnic. After all, your employees work hard, and this is an opportunity for you to thank them for all their hard work. (more…)
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Tips for Planning an Awesome Company Picnic this Summer

There is so much more to being the boss than taking important decisions, managing employees, running the business and leading meetings. In order to lead a successful business, it is important to build strong relationships with your employees. (more…)
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Company Picnic — Some Terrific Ideas

Who doesn’t love a great company picnic? Good food, fresh air and some quality time with your coworkers outside the closed office doors. Having a company picnic is a great way to show to your employees that you appreciate their hard work and care for them. (more…)
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