Pack Up a Picnic for Your Kid: Kid-Friendly Ideas for a Picnic

Picnics are a delightful way to spend some quality time with your family and kids outside the house. The best part? With just a few simple snacks, some outdoor essentials, and fun activities, you can plan the perfect picnic easily. Whether its summer fun in the park or a cozy backyard BBQ, a good picnic doesn’t have to be complicated to be a blast.

Here are some fun ideas that will help you plan the perfect kid-friendly picnic for your next outdoor excursion:

Portable and healthy:

The idea of preparing picture-perfect Insta-worthy picnic food can be quite tempting, but it’s unnecessary when it comes to having a good time. The less work you have to do to prepare the food, the more fun you’re bound to have.Portable and healthy

Prepare food that’s easy to pack and require less prep time. However, don’t skimp on nutrients and healthy ingredients.

Go for kid-friendly pasta salads, mini pizzas full of veggies and cheese, and tasty protein bars as snacks.

Hydrated kids are happy kids:

Kids tend to run around and sweat a lot during picnics. It’s important to keep them hydrated with plenty of refreshing drinks. Try to avoid the processed kiddy drinks that are full of sugar—they tend to make kids hyper.

Go for light drinks such as infused waters which are perfect for staying hydrated while having delicious natural flavors. You can also try making healthy DIY fizzy drinks such as orange sparkler which is basically fresh orange juice mixed with sparkling water.

Safe fun under the sun:

A beautiful day under the sun sounds idyllic for a picnic. However, you need to watch out for nasty sunburns and pesky insect bites that can ruin a pSafe fun under the sunerfect day. Make sure you pack a lot of sunscreen according to your kids’ skin type along with sunglasses and hats. Bring a beach umbrella for those scorching days when the sun is a little too aggressive. Spray your kids with bug repellent to make sure you don’t have to deal with mosquito bites after the funs over.

Go with the boy scouts motto:

Always be prepared. It’s the Boy Scout motto, and something  you need to keep in mind when going out with your kids. A lot of things can go wrong at a picnic, such as messy food, muddy clothes, and minor scrapes and scratches. Pack a first aid kit along with baby wipes, hand sanitizers, zipper bags, garbage bags, and an extra pair of clothes along with your picnic basket.

There’s no such thing as too much fun:

Kids are naturally curious and excitable and tend to get bored easily. If you don’t want to hear the dreaded ‘I’m Bored!’ line again and again, make sure you load up on plenty of fun-filled activities for your kids. Pack up various sports equipment such as baseball gloves and footballs along with games such as Jenga, Yard Twister, and Bean Bag Toss. Bring a portable Bluetooth speaker for an impromptu dance marathon or some silly jam sessions with the family. Plan activities such as scavenger hunt and hide and seek which can be fun for all ages.

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