Make Your Next Corporate Event a Team Building Event

Team building has a bad reputation. In most organizations, when the manager says, “Today is the day for team-building exercises!”, employees start looking for ways to escape the zone. This mostly happens when the manger tries to mimic Steve Carell’s hard leadership style that no one finds funny. Team building exercises can be enjoyable and adventurous if done with a little pizzazz. For example, a company can consider planning a team building corporate event for its employees.

You might think that a whole day off will affect your productivity and is unthinkable in such competitive times, but you should know that a team that doesn’t gets along or work together efficiently can affect the bottom line of your business negatively.

You might say that when employees work in your company, they mostly work alone to complete the tasks so teamwork is mostly not required. However, you must understand that your business will become more productive when your employees are more satisfied. An organization where employees get along better and are able to interact more freely with one another will have a healthier working environment.

On the other hand, if your employees don’t get along, there will be friction: in your organization and between people. That will also cause a tense atmosphere – one where people find it hard to focus or have little desire to stay. Ultimately, it will mean that your employees aren’t working to their full potential. That’s why team building events are essential as they can improve collaboration and communication between those who work together.

So, have you decided to take your staff out for a team building event? No? Still on the fence about organizing a team building event for your hard working employees? Then we’d highlight some prominent benefits of team building events that will give you a push in the right direction.

  1. Find out About Individual Personalities

In the office, most of the time of employees is spent at work, which makes it hard for them to get to know each other. A team building event allows your staff to communicate and collaborate with one another and find out more about each other. This creates better relationship between your employees. Those who failed to get along previously might forget their differences and begin to work together.

Through team building exercises, you get to know individual personalities and find out which members possess leadership skills. It’s also a chance to find out about strengths and weaknesses of your employees. This information could be useful, especially when time for promotion comes around.

  1. Team Building Events Inspire Creativity

When your employees are given new challenges in a supportive and fun environment, it can inspire creative ideas; leading to success. You can find out about the members of your team that excel at creativity and how they approach challenges.

  1. Aligns Vision

If there’s no destination, there would be nothing a person could aim for. In order to be successful, teams must be aware of the end result. During team building exercises, teams work together through different activities and challenges to be successful and achieve the end result (which is completing the activity or a challenge).

Teams can take the same sense of purpose back into the workplace and complete tasks assigned to them to reach the end goal of your organization.

  1. Improves Communication

If people within teams and teams in your office aren’t able to communicate properly, chances are they will fail to complete the tasks assigned to them. During a team building event, team members work together and communicate with one another to succeed. During team building activities, team members will listen to each other, discuss ideas and use strategy in order to be successful.

When they are required to work in a team again in the office to complete a particular project, they’ll be able to do it more efficiently and effectively to produce better results.

  1. Problem Solving

During a team building event, teams are required to solve challenging problems that require effective planning, strong leadership and communication. This helps them develop better problem solving skills and at the same time, they learn to work better in a team.

  1. Building Trust

Trust is hard to come by these days and in an organization, it can be extremely tricky to build trust among your employees. Often it takes a long time for employees to trust their colleagues. Team building events are a great way to build trust among your employees. Trust-building exercises and activities during team building events are extremely beneficial for new teams or remote teams that don’t share the same office space.

Trust increases collaboration and teamwork amongst employees and contributes to satisfaction of employees.

  1. New-Found Talents and Skills

An interesting benefit of team building events that is often overlooked by organizations is their ability to bring hidden talents and skills of employees to the surface. When groups participate in different kinds of challenges and activities, team members exhibit new talents like strategic prowess, consensus building and leadership skills.

You might find out that your software developer is a fine musician or your manager is a great soccer player. While some skills and talents could benefit your company, others grant you more insight into your employees’ life and help you form a strong bond with them.

  1. Teamwork

At work, all your employees are essentially a part of a ‘team’ working towards a common goal of bringing success to your company. Challenges and activities employees face during a team building event brings forward a concept of teamwork. The activities and challenges are designed in such a way that they cannot be completed through sheer brilliance of a single individual. It takes effort of all the team members and their skills to work together to complete the challenge correctly.

This increases teamwork among employees and is also a great way to find out about work styles of people and how this information can be leveraged.

  1. Fun

A sense of fun and enjoyment is at the heart of a good event. Team building events allow employees to blow off some steam, laugh freely and get their mind off routine work. This increases the motivation of your employees and they return to work feeling relaxed and ready to give their 100 percent at the job.

Now that we’ve provided some prominent benefits of team building events, you might be thinking of making your next corporate event a team building event, right? In that case, there are some important points that can help you plan a team building event that will be beneficial for your company and will be appreciated by your employees as well.

Don’t Let Corporate Stuff In

Leadership lessons are not powerful and when employees are out on the team building event, it should not feel like another day at the office. Team building activities that are fun, challenging and allows employees to work better in a team should be included in a team building event instead of leadership lessons from a manager.

Try New Things

Happiness and learning have a close connection. When employees try out new things together, they are able to strengthen their bond with one another and it generates good vibes, which in turn is beneficial for your business. Choosing something unique can encourage your employees to come together and better interact with one another.

Keep that Energy Going

Team-building events and activities fall flat when they’re only done one time and forgotten. It’s important to keep the energy going by organizing team building events more frequently to give your employees a chance to interact and connect, outside of regular office environment.

So, the next time you think about organizing a corporate event for your employees, consider an outdoor team building event. Just think about all the benefits that come with team building events i.e. increased collaboration, teamwork and communication etc. While they’re not immediately measurable, you’ll soon get to see how investing in these events will create a positive work environment and increase the productivity of your business. These effects will amplify when you arrange these kinds of activities regularly.

At Bay Area Picnic Planners, we understand how important it is to organize a team building event that has all the activities that can increase collaboration and teamwork among your employees and is fun too. This is why we offer creative team building exercises that combine mental and physical abilities as well as communication, competitiveness and group participation.

In addition to team building exercises and activities, we’ll take care of the menu as well. Of course, you can’t expect your employees to excel at group activities with an empty stomach; therefore, we’ll arrange snacks and starters, BBQ, side dishes, desserts and beverages to make sure your employees have the best time of their lives when they’re out at a team building event.

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