Make Your Kids Think You Have the Coolest Job EVER! Bring Them Along to Your Company Picnic

Growing up we all thought of our parents as superheroes. The coolest people who made all our wishes and dreams come true, the people who got us the newest toys, sent us to the best schools, who’d come home tired to the bone and wait for our hugs to energize them.

There’s a certain mystery that draws us into our parents’ lives—even as adults. To see our parents as people, people who do things, go places, say things and boss people other than us around. There’s a curiosity when we’re children to know more about our adult parents and catch a glimpse of what their world is like. Who’s that person calling daddy before dinner? Who’s got mommy worked into a frenzy—that’s our job after all?  Sadly, we forget when we were kids all too soon.

We don’t even realize how our own kids mimic those curiosities and often brush aside their questions and inquiries after a long hard day of work. It’s understandable to be tired and not in the mood to answer a storm of questions both mundane and incredibly complex, but it’s important to remember that these are the times to cherish most.

Soon enough, your little ones won’t be so little anymore, and they’ll do anything in their power to be caught dead hanging out with their boring old parents. Even sooner than that they’ll be off to college, getting their first proper job, getting married and having their own kids—or just adopting ten cats.

Bring Kids at work events

Before that though, as the best picnic planning company, Bay Area Picnic Planners can tell you that in all our years of experience, from 1987 till 2019, one thing always gets kids excited:

Seeing their parents work.

But how?

Well, if you think bringing your kid to work day isn’t the most exciting—or even enough—of a look into your world, or a very boring one, bring them along to your company’s corporate picnic. We know the joy kids experience, tagging along with their parents and seeing the fascinating things they and inflatables

So why not bring them along to your next work picnic? We cater to all ages and set up wonderful games and inflatables.  Your kids will have the time of their lives and you’ll get to be the coolest parent around when they go back to school and tell everyone all the fun they had at your ‘workplace.’

Book us for planning a company picnic in Bay Area and have your family tag along. It only strengthens your bonds and if you’re an employer, it shows that your company cares about its employees!

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