Leave Your Corporate Picnic To The Fun Experts

Whoever said corporate events are boring has obviously never met us. We pride ourselves in the quality of our services, leaving clients and their employees satisfied and very happy after we’re done planning a company picnic Bay Area for them.

Bay Area Picnic Planners offers only the most engaging and exciting corporate event ideas Bay Area which include corporate team building exercises, corporate games and much more. We’re great at parties for large groups of people and organizations, even accommodating families!inflatable games

We truly are the fun experts…

With a wide variety of games and activities geared at team building and some just for the sake of fun—picnic inflatable games anyone?—and various other things to do, your corporate event is sure to be a hit.

A picnic is the perfect way to relax and unwind, saving you on the cost of booking a closed space, paying for heating and cooling, lighting, and decor so on so forth. We’ll provide you with estimates and handle the logistics for you depending on the size of the group you want along, all the specifications and requirements you provide us with and make sure your guests have a ball—or maybe a few since they’ll be able to play catch!

How can a picnic be a corporate event?team building games and activities

Well, a picnic isn’t the most seemingly evident corporate event that comes to mind. It’s because of the common misperception that picnics are frivolous and a waste of time, whereas corporate events by definition are meant to be somber, productive and formal.

We’d like to challenge that binary—since not everything is black or white—and suggest that it’s entirely possible to have a great time and still be productive. We offer a range of team building games and activities which focus on the players’ communication skills, teamwork abilities, coordination and group work. They bring out a fierce but friendly competitiveness and will surely get everyone to participate. All of these qualities are necessary in any organization, because without that sense of camaraderie and coordination no team can do its best.

Not to mention the amazing food that we cater! BBQ, burgers, snacks anamazing food that we caterd refreshments, you name it!

We’ve been in the business since 1987, catering to areas from San Jose across San Francisco. As a fully accredited Award Winning Event Planning Company, rated highest in customer satisfaction and loyalty, you are our priority in all cases. We guarantee you the best value for money and thoroughly planned events your company will host!

Excited? Want to know how to get us on board?

You can get in touch with our company through our website here or get a free consultation over the phone. Call us at 1-408-298-3001 to get the party started!

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