Impressive Employee Recognition Picnic Ideas

You have announced employee recognition event to be held at your office next week and you don’t see any excitement among your staff as yet. You expect them to look forward to the employee appreciation event, but they are not giving the response you want from them. Why is that so?

Rewind the tape of your life and take a look at your last employee recognition event. Didn’t you plan it in the same office space? There you go; we have figured out the cause of the problem. The reason your employees aren’t excited is because they have gotten tired of the same old employee recognition event. They desire a flavorful change. They want to get out of the boundaries of the office and enjoy out in the open. Since employee recognition event is all about your employees, why not give them what they want?

Take your employees out in the open by organizing an employee recognition picnic. Your employees will love a recognition picnic as it allows them to step outside of their daily routine and enjoy in a relaxed environment. When organizing an employee recognition picnic, you should pay attention to the food and drinks, the venue and the activities you wish to plan for your employees. There are tons of employee recognition picnic ideas that you can use to organize a memorable picnic that all your employees will love. In this post, we highlight a few of those ideas that you may use for your next employee recognition picnic.  We’ve saved the best for the last.

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1.        Fun Games

A little competition can liven up your employee recognition picnic. There are several games that you can include in your employee recognition picnic to let your employees compete against one another. Make sure to select games that are entertaining and can spark a competitive spirit.

2.        Zoo Picnic

If there is a zoo in your area, you can take your employees there for a company picnic. Most zoos are large and have a lot of space so your employees can easily move around the place in groups. There are many cool animals, birds, and reptiles at zoos that your employees may not have seen before. When they have seen everything the zoo has to offer, you can gather your employees to end things by announcing names of the top performers and the reward that will be given to them for their exceptional performance.

3.        Museum Picnic

A visit to a museum can also help you achieve your goals of an employee recognition picnic. You can ask your employees to bring their families along too. Your employees will appreciate this picnic idea because it is different from regular picnics and can help them get familiar with history and exquisite exhibits. Make sure to arrange food and drinks to serve during the museum picnic.

4.        Free Yoga for All

Hire a professional yoga instructor for your employee recognition picnic. A yoga instructor can guide your employees about how they can stay relaxed while working in the office environment where they usually have to sit for several hours. Your employees will appreciate this gesture and they will feel like you truly care about them and value their comfort.

5.        Scavenger Hunt

Organizing a scavenger hunt can immediately liven up your employee recognition picnic. Your employees will feel rejuvenated after facing fun challenges and looking for clues in the fresh air. Take plenty of pictures during the scavenger hunt and have a slideshow at the end so that everyone can laugh at the funny moments.

6.        Live Entertainment

Organize live entertainment at your company’s employee recognition picnic. Hire a magician, comedian, fire performers, caricaturists or break dancers to give your employees a chance to enjoy some brilliant acts. If the budget allows, you can hire professional artists, but if you’re short on cash, you can always go for new performers.

7.        Team-building Activities

Interactive and engaging team-building activities can add more excitement to your employee recognition picnic and help improve teamwork among your employees. You can choose the classic tug of war or go with something unique like escape room game. These activities will help strengthen the bond between your employees and boost the overall morale of your company.

8.        Water Games

If you are planning an employee recognition picnic, organize water games to cool off your employees and provide fun entertainment for all ages. You can include squirt gun battle, water balloon fight, and several other games to your picnic. When you see your employees soaked wet after enjoying water games, you will know that your efforts of planning a successful employee recognition picnic have paid off.

9.        Beach Day

Recognize the efforts of your employees by taking them to the beach. Make sure to leave early for a beach picnic to grab the best spots. Plan volleyball or soccer games so that your employees can enjoy both inside and outside of the water. If you plan to spend the evening at the beach, you can set up a bonfire to liven up your employee recognition picnic. Your employees can share their special memories associated with your company and communicate with their colleagues which will strengthen their bond.

10.    Food Truck Lunch

This will be perfect for an outdoor picnic. Surprise your employees by adding a food truck lunch to your employee recognition picnic. Make the arrangements for the food truck beforehand so that your guests can enjoy the lunch when they are hungry.

11.    Raffles

From a day off to a new DVD player, anything that your employees love to have makes a great employee recognition raffle item. By raffling off these kinds of prizes, you can make your employee recognition picnic more exciting. Employees will love the feeling of suspense that they experience before the winner’s name is announced.

Raffles is an employee recognition picnic idea that provides two benefits. One is that they give all your employees a chance to win and the second is that the dollars you get for the tickets can be donated to a charity to support a noble cause.

12.    Carnival

If you are inviting families of your employees to the employee recognition picnic, you can consider a carnival picnic. You can include several carnival games that are fun for all ages and arrange a buffet lunch with several options.

13.    Hiking

Reward the efforts of your employees by taking them for hiking in the mountains. Hiking trips are lots of fun and can give your employees a chance to enjoy Mother Nature and gaze upon enchanting landscapes. You should announce special prizes for the one who reaches the peak first. This will get those legs moving and everyone will try their best to get to the top.

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14.    Karaoke Picnic

Yes, Karaoke is a great activity for employee recognition picnics, as well. Those employees who are more confident about their voice will love to take a shot at a few classic songs while the nervous ones can enjoy their performance. All you need is a karaoke machine and equipment that will only cost a couple hundred dollars.

15.    Casino Games

If you plan to hold your employee recognition picnic in the indoors, casino games will be a perfect addition to the evening. You can plan popular casino games like craps, blackjack, roulette and Texas Hold’em Poker. Tables for these games can be easily rented. To make your employee recognition picnic more appealing with casino games, you should also rent professional dealers. Professional dealers can make sure that everyone is up to speed with the rules of the games.

These are all the employee recognition picnic ideas that can make your picnic more memorable and exciting. Your employees will appreciate your efforts of planning a special picnic to recognize their hard work and reward their efforts. So, the next time you want to organize an employee recognition event, pick one of the above mentioned ideas and take your employees to a memorable picnic.

If you are struggling to determine the right idea for your employee recognition picnic, seek help from professional picnic planners. A professional picnic planner can determine the right idea for your employee recognition picnic depending on the goals of your picnic and your budget. They can also make all the important arrangements for your company picnic such as the selecting the venue, organizing food and drinks and planning fun activities.

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