How to Host an Annual Family Picnic without Losing Your Mind

Who knew being the hostess with the mostest was such a mind-boggling job!

With so many ideas and demands being thrown at you for the family picnic, you can’t help but wonder how anyone was able to organize this shindig in the first place.

But don’t fret!How to Host an Annual Family Picnic without Losing Your Mind

While it might seem overwhelming now, a well-planned, organized family picnic can definitely be worth the headache.

You just have to have the right team by your side!

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The Right Way of Planning a Family Picnic

Determining Your Budget

You already know there’s going to be trouble, and that’s what you want to avoid. And the best way to do that is by getting all the costly details sorted out. Your venue, the transportation, the food—all the details of the event that are going to cost money!

The Right Way of Planning a Family Picnic


Before deciding, check with your family on their ideas for an event. But be quick and firm. Got some people voting for a private park? Decide on that and don’t let yourself be budged. Find out what the rates are for different venues and choose one which you think would work well.


Next, find out whether everyone agrees with a potluck or whether they’d prefer having the event catered. In case people don’t opt for a potluck, be quick in deciding what the theme for the food will be.

All-classic American, Chinese, French, Italian, etc; there are plenty of choices you can choose from. Pick one that’s most popular and stick to it. Also, remember to factor in the little detail of the weather. There’s no point of an indoor BBQ if it’s cold outside. The idea itself seems wrong.


Nothing better than everyone bringing their own cars! But if you’ve got a lot of people, it’s best to rent a bus. Most bus rental companies offer a driver’s services as well, and are pretty affordable too, so you should have no trouble finding one within your budget.

Once that’s done, you’ll need to divide the total cost by the total number of people attending.

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Choose Your Entertainment

Choose Your Entertainment

While having some time off and connecting with family is entertainment in itself, it’s pretty boring for the kids and teens, and even for some adults. As a safe bet, opt for your regular sports games or some fun inflatable games.

From human spheres to bouncy boxing to giant twister, you can choose from a number of options. Just remember to print out the safety pointers beforehand so everyone knows how to behave.

You don’t want an uncle to get whiplash because someone sumo-wrestled them when they weren’t paying attention!

Keep it Clean

The chances are that you have a pretty big group. And this big group is going to create a lot of garbage. Be considerate about the environment and have a plan ready so everyone knows that they need to tidy up after themselves.

Distribute some garbage bags, remind them all to not absentmindedly throw their trash willy-nilly and have a look through about the venue when you’re about to leave so you know everything is clean!

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Keep it Clean

Leave it to us!

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