Food Ideas for a Company Picnic

It’s true that picnic food should always be fuss-free and simple, but that doesn’t mean it has to boring. Together with a combination of sandwiches, fresh salads, desserts and chilled drinks, you can create a memorable picnic meal. From traditional sandwiches to pork buns and tamales, there are many foods that can make your company picnic unique and memorable for everyone.

All of the planning you do for a picnic would be in vain if you don’t get the food right. It is the most important part of planning and you can’t afford to go wrong with it. The guests will generally don’t mind if something else goes wrong during a company picnic. But, if the food doesn’t hit the spot, they won’t forgive you.

There are so many picnic food ideas out there that it is impossible to cover each and every one of them in a single post. But one impressive idea that has always received good feedback from people is a themed picnic. All you have to do is choose a country of the world whose cuisine you like and then theme your company picnic around the most popular dishes of that place. In this post, we provide an example of a few themed picnics to offer you some great food ideas for a picnic.

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French Picnic

French food is divine and French chefs have set the benchmark for delicious food. Some of the popular French food items that you can include in your company picnic are highlighted below.


1.     Tapenade

Tapenade is a great French dish that is made from olive oil, anchovies, capers and olives. People in the southern areas devour this meal on a regular basis. Tapenade is a versatile dish with variations like artichoke tapenade and eggplant tapenade.

2.     Chicken Liver Pate

Chicken livers, shallots, brandy, garlic, butter and a few other ingredients combine to create a great French cuisine called the pâté. This dish takes little time to prepare and is very simple. Yet, it is extremely tasty.


1.     Macarons

You may not believe it but some whole shops are dedicated to these pieces of joy. Macarons are colorful, tiny meringues filled with ganache. These aren’t easy to make, but a fine chef expert in his art should be to make these for you to serve at your company picnic.


1.     Red Wine

One of the most famous producers of wine in France is the Bordeaux. When purchasing a French red wine, you should go with the Pinot noir. These wines have a unique flavor and they are must have in a French themed picnic.

Chinese Picnic

There are many dishes that can be used for a Chinese themed picnic. For the perfect Chinese picnic food menu, you should keep all your ideas simple and obtainable. Here are the food items you can add in your Chinese themed picnic.


1.     Wonton Soup

If prepared properly, the wonton soup is absolutely delicious. The broth of this soup is flavorsome and light and you can have the wontons made according to your own taste.

2.     Hot and Sour Soup

You can’t take one of the best soups in the world away from your Chinese themed picnic menu. This great soup is made from tofu, pork and bamboo shoots, mushrooms and other things. The white pepper adds the heat to the soup and the sourness comes from vinegar.


1.     Barbeque Pork

Barbeque Pork is a good dish to add to your Chinese picnic menu. The ingredients for this dish are easily available so the caterers will be more than willing to offer this dish to you.


1.     Moon Cake

Lotus seed paste or red bean is used to make the moon cake pastry that mostly has an egg yolk representing the moon. It can make your picnic more authentic and add a tasty treat for everyone to enjoy.


1.     Baijiu

If you require liquor, then you should definitely go with Baijiu. Baijiu is described as the vodka of the Chinese and it is made from different grains.

2.     Chrysanthemum Tea

If you wish to add tea in your picnic, then Chrysanthemum Tea is the best choice as it offers several health benefits.

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British Picnic

A British themed picnic is a great way to welcome the arrival of summer. Lakes, rivers, hilltops, beaches and forests, there are many places where you can plan a British picnic. With the amazing location and great weather, all you need is the perfect British food.


1.     Beef Wellington

You can add a Beef Wellington to your British picnic menu if are not restricted on the budget as this dish is not cheap. The beef can also be eaten cold so you don’t have to worry about serving it late at the picnic.

2.     Chicken

A British themed picnic is incomplete without chicken, but you shouldn’t just add any chicken dish. You should go for the Coronation Chicken that’s made for a Queen. The great thing about Coronation Chicken is that unlike other chicken dishes, this one is best when eaten cold; therefore, it is perfect for your company picnic.


1.     Strawberries and Cream

Strawberries and cream are loved by the British. It’s simple, yet tasty. Many people don’t include desserts in a picnic because they are complicated, but with strawberries and cream this fear is eliminated.


1.     Tea

British love the tea and for them it’s like an energy drink. So, you must add tea in your British themed picnic so that everyone’s brewed and ready to take part in fun and engaging activities of a picnic throughout the day.

Italian Picnic

If you wish to add only one cuisine to choose from, we would recommend that you choose Italian. Italian food has always been our personal favorite and just thinking of tasty Italian dishes gets our stomachs rumbling. Here are a few Italian food ideas for your picnic menu.


1.     Cheese

When it comes to cheese, there are many possibilities offered by Italy. Robiola, Gorgonzola and Mozzarella di bufala are softer cheese varieties while in the more firm varieties there is Pepato, Bigio and Parmigiano Reggiano.

2.     Cured Meats

A board of meat serving the specific Italian is a great addition to any picnic. An uncooked, thinly sliced ham called the prosciutto should be served in the board along with the speck, coppa and sopressata.


1.     Crostata

Crostata is an Italian pie that usually comes with fruit filling. Pies can be easily made and are a great desert to add in a picnic.

2.     Panettone

Raisins and fruits when packed in sweet bread make the Italian dessert called the Panettone. It is mostly eaten during the holiday season, but can be added in picnic anytime.


1.     Wine

A Pinot Grigio and Chianti are two good Italian wines that you can include in your Italian picnic menu.

Thai Picnic

There is a lot of diversity in Thai cuisines, which makes it easy to find a Thai picnic menu that suits tastes of all the attendees. Tasty Thai soups and fresh salads can add a great flavor to your picnic. Some Thai food items you can include in your picnic are discussed.


1.     Soup

Thai soups are the perfect cuisine to serve at the start of your picnic. The best thing about these soups is that they are diverse, meaning that they can be eaten hot or cold, mild or hot, packed with meat or slices of fruits.

2.     Fish Cakes

When we talk about Thai cuisines, we simply cannot ignore Thai Fish cakes. Fish cakes are best eaten hot, but they taste good even cold. These cakes can be prepared with any white fish and can be tailored individually to suit the spice tolerance of your attendees.

3.     Beef Salad

Thai beef salad is perhaps the best amongst Thai salads. No other salad can rival the taste sensation provided by this salad. Your Thai picnic wouldn’t be complete without Thai beef salad.


1.     Sticky Rice and Mango

This popular Thai dessert is easy to make and tastes great. When planning a Thai picnic, you should ask the chef to prepare the sticky rice and mango and serve it with coconut milk to enhance the taste.


1.     Sodas

Soda, sugar syrup and Lime juice and popular drinks in Thailand that can serve as a good refreshment in your Thai picnic.

These are all the theme picnics you can plan to provide a unique and special evening to your attendees. If you need assistance in planning one of the above mentioned theme picnics, call in the professional Bay Area Picnic Planners. If you are on short on budget and can’t afford to organize a themed picnic with the food items and drinks we’ve mentioned, consider our all-inclusive picnic packages. We offer snacks and starters, BBQ entrees, side dishes, desserts and beverages as well as entertainment packages.

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