Dealing With Team Burn Out

Feeling burnt out is entirely reasonable in the workplace. However, as an organization, you need to address the situation to help your employees out of this phase.

According to the World Health Organization, employee burnout consists of:

  • Feeling depleted of energy or exhausted for a prolonged period
  • Growing mental distance from the job or negative feelings towards it
  • Reduced efficiency and productivity on the job

A demotivated workforce won’t be able to get your company to the place it wants to be. To achieve your goals and vision, employees need to feel driven to work together to make this a reality.

Here are some ways organizations can deal with team burnt out:

Take mental health seriously

While mental health issues seem to have increased in recent years, the truth is they have always been there. The stigma attached to talking about mental health has reduced significantly, and more and more people are accepting the issues they face instead of putting on a brave face.

Mental health problems must be treated like physical ailments by employers. Employees with mental health issues should not be considered weak or incompetent in comparison to others.

Each and every employee is prone to getting anxious and stressed out due to their job. This takes a toll on their health and personal life as well. Companies need to play a role in ensuring their employees are in a good health space by allowing them mental health days, flexible work options, and not overworking them. Counseling options should be provided to allow employees to speak to professionals about the way they’re feeling.

discussionMost organizations still use the 'carrot on a stick’ method of providing employees with rewards. They offer big fancy bonuses to employees that can do the most work, meet the highest targets, and get the most clients. While this helps the company in the short run, in the long term, this strategy will only stimulate employee burnout. After a certain point, the financial rewards mean nothing when physical and mental exhaustion take over.

Set rewards for your employees in a way that keeps employee burnout at bay. Provide employees with small rewards regularly that show them that the organization cares about their wellbeing. Rewards in the form of encouraging them to take time off for a vacation and allowing them to leave work early can help them stay motivated at work. Plan bigger rewards in the form of company events where employees can mingle and enjoy time off work together. Our corporate event planners plan perfect corporate picnics for your employees to put their feet up and relax.

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