Corporate Family Picnic—Here’s Why Adding A Plus One to the Invite Works

Here’s a question that corporate event planners get asked often, “Should I invite my employees’ families to the big corporate event too?”

The answer to this depends on the objectives of the event and your budget.

If the purpose of your corporate picnic is team-building exercises, then you should probably just stick to your employees. However, if your aim is to give your employees a day of fun, then yes, it makes sense to invite their families along.

The downside of inviting the entire family is that it’ll increase your costs significantly, so unless your budget allows it, don’t invite them—or just add a plus one.

Here’s why inviting a plus one to a corporate invite works:

You’ll Get To See A Different Side of Your Coworkers

When you only see your employees suited and booted, all ready for work, it’s hard to imagine what they’re like at home. Seeing their significant others or friends/date, allows you to see your employees in a different light.

Looking at your employees through the eyes of their loved ones helps you understand their motivations and the type of people they are. It’ll help you strengthen the relationship you share with them, leading to a tighter ship at work.

It’ll Show Them You Care

All employees like knowing that their employers realize that everything isn’t about business. When you add a plus one to the invite, you reinforce the fact that the picnic is a day for them to have fun and not talk shop.

Employees need to feel like they belong and that their presence is valued. And what better way to do that than by asking their loved ones to come along?

It Makes the Event More Interesting

Coworkers tend to talk about work even when they’re out of the office, but when you add “outsiders” to the mix, they’re more inclined to discuss other things.

Inviting people outside of the work circle is a simple way to make the corporate picnic more interesting and prevents employees from discussing the same things they do every day.

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