Best Picnic Spots in the San Francisco Bay Area

Planning to host a company picnic? Hope you’re ready for some serious decision making!

From the date, catering, attendees and itinerary for the day, everything requires heedful considerations. But one thing that affects all of your choices is the venue!

The place you choose to organize the event can make or break your picnic. Here some things you should consider before finalizing the venue.


Make sure the venue is at a reasonable distance and has easy access to transportation.


Pick a place with a parking lot or a valet service to prevent your guests from the hassle of finding a suitable parking spot.


Make your guest list before finalizing the venue, so you can be sure the place is big enough to fit everyone comfortably.


Does the venue provide all the services and amenities you require to make the picnic unforgettable? These may include a kitchen, tables, chairs, a clean-up crew and AV equipment.


Found the perfect picnic spot? Make sure it’s on the day you’re planning a company picnic Bay Area.

Best Picnic Spots in the Bay Area

Here are some of the best spots in the San Francisco Bay Area you can host your company picnic. Just make sure you keep the technicalities mentioned above in mind before confirming the venue.

Crissy Field West Bluffs

There’s a lot you can do at Crissy Fields; your employees can have soCrissy Field West Bluffsme downtime at the sandy beach and luscious green area with the breathtaking view of the clear blue sky and the Golden Gate Bridge as a backdrop. The best part about this picnic venue is that they’ll provide picnic tables and grills for your event. Just give your employees a reminder to bring their hats and some SPF along as there isn’t enough shade.

Treasure Island

An artificial island, Treasure Island, is one of California’s historical landmarks. It joins the San Francisco Bay Area with Yerba Buena Island. The spot hTreasure Islandas some of the most exquisite views of the city and is the perfect spot for company picnics. Treasure Island is the perfect spot to host a picnic for your employees’ families since there’s plenty of space here for kids to run around and for adults to take a nice, long stroll. You can even have a kite-flying competition here since the wind here is just amazing and ideal for kite-flying.

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