4 Ways to Organize the Best Company Picnic Ever!

If you don’t want your employees to become cubicle dwellers, you need to put organizing a company picnic on the top of your to-do list. Corporate outings, parties, and picnics are a great way to increase employee engagement, morale, and satisfaction.

It might seem like an extra expense to you, but it will have long-term benefits. Company outings increase employees’ and the company’s productivity, while also decreasing the turnover rate.

Whether it’s an outdoor corporate event or a picnic, we’ve gathered four tips for you to throw your employees the best company picnic ever.

Book a Unique LocationPicnic Points

Sure, there are tons of public places nearby, but they’re usually packed with many other people. Your employees need an escape from their hectic daily routine and the same old boring places.

Take them to an exotic location where they haven’t been before. That could be a botanical garden, a water park, or an arboretum—you can look through your city’s tourist guides for some great ideas.

Arrange Good FoodPicnic Food

Put the potluck idea on the backburner and order food for the upcoming picnic. Remember, you’re trying to lighten the burden on your employees through this picnic. Don’t ask them to bring food or snacks—arrange it all for them.

Ask your employees about their food preferences and hire a reliable caterer to handle the entire lunch set-up. You could also get a buffet arranged with a variety of food options, depending on your budget.

 Plan Teambuilding Activities

Once all the employees have had lunch, arrange some games and activitiPicnic Gameses that will help strengthen their bonds and communication skills. Teambuilding activities such as the Barter puzzle, karaoke sessions, scavenger’s hunt, and water balloon fights enable employees to make new friends and collaborate with people from other departments. Collaboration and teamwork are crucial to an organization’s productivity, as suggested by research.

Wrap up with an Appreciation Speech

Finally, wrap up your memorable picnic day with appreciation and recognition. Prepare a small humorous speech and tell employees how valuable of an asset they are for your organization.Wrap Up

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