4 Ways To Build A Great Company Culture

For a lot of employees, it’s very hard to put the work they do in context with regard to the organization as a whole. This leads to a workforce that doesn’t think that their actions have a large impact; however, on a macro level, every individual’s performance and hard work led your company to where it stands today.

Making your employees feel valued is an essential part of ensuring organizational integrity. A good corporate culture helps employees realize their worth and encourages them to work with each other, since they have a common goal.

Research by Deloitte found that 94% of executives and 88% of employees thought that a distinct company culture was necessary in an organization.

What is company culture?

The culture of a company, in simplistic terms, is the personality of the organization. It’s the manner in which employees and leadership act on high-level concepts like company values, integrity, communication, transparency, and engagement. All of this manifests in ideas that are associated with the organization at large.

That’s why we’ve put together a guide to building a great company culture for any organization:

Enlist, empower, and encourage employees

meetingThe best way to begin the journey of creating a company culture is to align people to it. Just saying your company culture is such and such isn’t enough; it has to be mindfully shaped into the beliefs of your employees. Employees need to be driven to make the company the success that it set out to be.

Employees need to be excited—as well as appreciative—of the company culture within the organization, to the point where they share it with others too. Once the organization achieves this, they have successfully made employees own the culture.

Care about one another

The essence of every company’s culture should revolve around being mindful of one another and caring. You have to work as a team, so if one employee cannot get the work done, another should step in to help.

Caring about your employee’s wellbeing is essential to forming this caring company culture; it also motivates employees. If they know that their boss genuinely cares about their wellbeing, they will never find the need to pull a fake sick day.

All of this means that you have to be especially mindful about how much work you’re giving to employees, and how much you expect of them.

Be inclusive

With rising awareness around gender and sexual orientation based violence and marginalization, companies need to be sensitive when addressing employees. Organizations have to work toward becoming more inclusive while creating a safe space for all employees. Inculcate this value within all members of the organization, so no individual ever feels targeted or isn’t able to ‘fit in.’

Make the workplace fun

Employees will be more motivated to turn up to work with a positive attitude if they have something to look forward to. Go back to when you were in college; even though classes were sometimes a drag, having fun with friends made the day worthwhile, right? Likewise, employees will be encouraged to show up to work in a great mood if they know it’s a fun environment where work gets done too.

To make your workplace more lively, host teambuilding activities in every department. This is known to improve motivation and communication within teams. Likewise, company events like corporate picnics give employees something to look forward to. These events also act as rewards for the hard work they put in.


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