Picnic Planning Company

So, it's almost time for your annual company picnic, and you haven't even made a shopping list yet. Invitations need to be sent, and picnic menus need to be devised. Entertainment is something you have not yet considered, and now time is running short. Wouldn't it be wonderful if there were a local picnic planning company you could call? There is.

BAPP stands for Bay Area Picnic Planners, and we are all about putting together everything it takes to throw a great outdoor party for lots of people. Whether you desire a big barbecue lunch for hundreds or wish to host the most fantastic birthday party your kid ever had, BAPP has the experience, skills, and contacts to make it happen for you.

How many people will be at your event?

When you solicit BAPP to be your picnic planning company, we'll ask you about numbers. Let us know how many people to feed and entertain, and we'll bring everything for parties that range from 100 to more than 350 guests.

Do you want us to plan an adults-only picnic party or a family friendly event?

BAPP offers a sweet selection of picnic parties that are just right for families, adults, and combinations of both. Not every picnic planning company in the San Francisco Bay Area is licensed to serve beer, wine, and liquor, but we are. In fact, we can provide a top-shelf full liquor bar and a professional bartender, as well. If you prefer to host a booze-free event, we can do that for you, too. Lemonade, iced tea, bottled mineral water, and other kid-friendly beverages are available upon request.

What does everyone want to eat?

When people come to a picnic, they typically arrive with a big appetite and expect to be well fed. BAPP can set up a swell outdoor cooking area complete with grills and chefs. Let us whip up a big batch of barbecued chicken parts and pork ribs with corn on the cob and a crisp green salad on the side. We'll bring the plates and napkins and everything else to feed your guests.

Of course, ribs and chicken are not the only things on our picnic planning company menu. Grilled sausages served on seedy buns are always a big hit with party goers, as are home-style ranch beans, creamy mac 'n' cheese and garlic bread. Let us know how many guests to expect, and we'll make sure nobody goes hungry.

Don't be afraid to look ridiculous

One of the best things about company picnics is the way they let people take of their business suit and act silly. That's why we offer some interactive games, including granny panty relay races, giant tricycles, bouncy houses and relay races wherein participants don oversize feet. In addition to being a whole lot of fun, silly games can boost company morale and increase positivity and productivity in a way that lasts longer than the picnic.

Contact BAPP  picnic planning company at (408) 565-8617 and tell us about your company picnic, family reunion or other big outdoor events.