Corporate Picnic Planning

Do you understand the importance of company morale? You should. Employee attitudes have an enormous impact on whether or not a business succeeds and thrives. When staff members and employees feel valued, they are more likely to be more cooperative and productive. Nobody wants to feel unappreciated or overlooked, so remember to have fun once in a while. Corporate picnic planning can be an essential facet of your company's positive growth strategy.

When good times are incorporated into your company calendar, workers have something to look forward to, and employee turnover may decrease in a big way. Such is the opinion of business pros at Entrepreneur magazine. Corporate picnic planning may include team-building exercises at a Bay Area outdoor venue or on your company grounds. Celebrate milestone events or host a special company picnic as an employee incentive. A day-long retreat where workers and executives participate in interactive games can boost morale and inspire employee teamwork in ways that may surprise you.

Entrepreneur magazine's top seven ways to boost morale:

  1. Let employees know that their work is more than a mere job
  2. Celebrate employee accomplishments in creative ways
  3. Allow reasonable time off for employees to pursue their passion
  4. Change up the way that your company does things
  5. Show employees how to develop and keep a positive mental attitude
  6. Offer time away from the office to volunteer in community projects
  7. Remember to have fun

Bay Area Picnic Planners have the insight and experience to help you host the most exciting company picnics, ever. Here is a sampling of the interactive team building games we can bring to your location to foster and maintain a positive corporate attitude:

  • PVS building challenge
  • Giant tricycle race
  • Granny pantie relay race
  • Group land skiing relay races
  • Olympic rings

Of course, a significant part of corporate picnic planning involves food and drink. Who doesn't come to a company picnic expecting an outdoor feast? Santa Maria tri-tip steaks, grilled sausages served on seeded buns and succulent shrimp-on-the-barbie are just a few of the tasty barbecue dishes we can prepare to feed your crowd. BBQ chicken and barbecued pork ribs are always well received at company picnics. Side dishes, including hot buttered cob corn, home-style ranch beans, tossed green salads, garlic bread and traditional potato salad fill plates and bellies, too. If kids are expected at your company picnic, add mac 'n' cheese and grilled frankfurters to your picnic menu. When you hire us to do your corporate picnic planning, you can customize your picnic menu any way you like.

Right now, before you forget about it, give us a call so we can chat about your next company team building, morale-boosting picnic party. We are Bay Area Picnic Planners are we are all about reminding your employees how much fun it is to work at your company. When you're ready to get started, contact BAPP at (408) 565-8617 and tell us what you need.